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Ya das ist gut... what does that mean??

Body Contouring.

Counter No, Tai Po Yata Shop, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, Tai Po. Jun 13,  · gute. inflected form of gut; Latin Noun. gute. vocative singular of gutus; Old French Noun. gute f.

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Do you wish you could fill out your jeans with a cute derriere? Have things sagged in the back a bit? The allure of a well shaped buttocks has long been a part of the aesthetic ideal but one has to look no farther than American TV to see that the curves long coveted are all the rage in the US. When implants were the only option for a permanent surgical change, interest was limited by fear of complications from a foreign body.

Recently however, another option has rekindled interest. With this procedure the shape, size and firmness of the buttock can be altered using only repositioning of your own fat. This procedure brings the added bonus of enhanced contour of the overall figure. For those who might not have enough fat to transfer , there are some exciting new options. The surgery is actually a transplant of your own adipose fat tissue from one area of the body to the butt.

Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from abdomen, flanks, back or thighs which is then prepared to allow injection into the buttock region to optimize body contour. Sculpting the soft tissues immediately surrounding the buttock defines the added fullness of the transplantation. At Plastic Surgery Specialists our Board Certified surgeons feel this procedure is a safer and more predictable option over implants for buttock enhancement.

The results look and feel natural because they are. Improve the well done. Das Gute Das Sc. The Good The Ba. Hold on to the good. Das ist das Gute. That is the good part. The good thing about it? Was ist das Gute? Get a better translation with human contributions.

Credits - Computer translations are provided by a combination of our statistical machine translator, Google , Microsoft , Systran and Worldlingo. Help rating similar searches: Users are now asking for help: MyMemory in your language: English The built-in bells German Und das Gute?

English And the good? German Das Gute im Meer. English The bounty of the sea. German Das Gute ist gut. English The good is good. German Das gute Gefühl. English What a great feeling! German Das gute Klima. German Das gute Porzellan. English The good porcelain.

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The surgery is actually a transplant of your own adipose fat tissue from one area of the body to the butt. German Das Gute behaltet,.

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English The good kangaroo.

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