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LiveVol Pro - Options Trading and Analysis Software. Options Analytics Powerhouse with time and sales data from to present, alerts, watchlists, scrolling trades, scanning and filtering capabilities. Demo Options Trading InstaForex. In case of winning, InstaForex clients have a chance to get 80% of an option’s cost. Thus, options trading has become easier to deal with by virtue of demo trading on the company’s site. Now you can trade binary options not only in Client Cabinet, but also on the broker’s website.

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QuikVol™ is the QuikStrike® historical option implied volatility, historical option price settlements, open interest and volume database. QuikVol is available as part of the intraday volatility update and historical implied volatility add-on for our QuikStrike options analysis software. QuikVol has comprehensive implied volatility chart functionality, .

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Every InstaForex customer may trade intraday and expiry binary options in his Client Cabinet. Metro High-performance, server based trading platform for fully customizable low-latency options trading Advanced software with custom functionalities from the City Store, our expansive in-house library of applications Access to Freeway, a powerful platform for quick development of custom automated trading strategies Explore the Metro Suite of Products.

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