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Johann Gustav Droysen


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JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use the full functionality of the website. Ensuring this is the central task of EEX and its exchange bodies. EEX has the following executive bodies: For this reason, EEX has established a set of Exchange Rules , which is based on the German Exchange Act and binding both for itself and for all trading participants.

Both at a national and at an international level, the European Energy Exchange is one of the trading platforms which are subject to the most comprehensive supervision. At a national level, the supervisory mechanisms are based on a structure which is unique in Europe: As a result, EEX is subject to the same strict quality and supervision criteria as any other conventional securities exchange in Germany.

As a joint stock corporation under private law, EEX AG is permitted to operate the EEX exchange and, as a result, it has the right and is also obliged to operate the exchange.

In this context, EEX AG provides the exchange with the financial, human and material resources required to carry out and further develop the exchange operations. In addition to the Management Board of the Exchange , the Sanctions Committee and Market Surveillance , the Exchange Council is one of the four executive bodies of the exchange.

As such, it is in charge of three fields of tasks: The Management Board of the Exchange manages the business operations of the exchange on its own responsibility. The management function is limited on account of the participation requirements on the part of the Exchange Council and the exchange supervisory body.

With certain exceptions, its function corresponds to that of the Management Board as established in German company law. For example, the Management Board of the Exchange is in charge of the decisions on which products are to be launched on the exchange, whereas the Exchange Council is responsible for adopting the contract specifications according to art.

The exchange supervisory authority, the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, is in charge of the legal supervision of the exchange and its bodies and of market supervision of the trading participants according to the German Exchange Act. BörsG Date of issue: Lurgiallee 12 Frankfurt Postal address: PO box 50 01 54 Frankfurt Phone: Droysen's first great political appearance occurred in , on the one thousand year anniversary of the Verdun agreement between Karl the Bald and Ludwig the German , grandsons of Charlemagne.

The patrimony of Charlemagne, and his son, Louis the Pius; Droysen found in this event the evidence of the German nation. In , Droysen was elected a member of the revolutionary Frankfurt parliament and acted as secretary to the committee for drawing up a proposed constitution. In these states, German life has its positive and negative poles — in the former, all the interests which are national and reformative, in the latter, all that are dynastic and destructive.

The German question is not a constitutional question, but a question of power; and the Prussian monarchy is now wholly German, while that of Austria cannot be. Droysen was one of the first members to retire from the Frankfurt Parliament after King Frederick William IV of Prussia refused the imperial crown in In the following two years, Droysen continued to support the cause of the duchies, and in , with Carl Samwer, he published a history of the dealings of Denmark with Schleswig and Holstein, Die Herzogthümer Schleswig-Holstein und das Königreich Dänemark seit dem Jahre Hamburg, A translation was published in London in the same year under the title The Policy of Denmark towards the Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein.

The work was one of great political importance and contributed to the formation of German public opinion on the rights of the duchies in their struggle with Denmark. In his later years, Droysen was almost entirely occupied with Prussian history.

After , he was appointed to a professorship at Jena ; in , he was called to Berlin, where he remained until his death.

In , he brought out a life of Count Yorck von Wartenburg Berlin, — , generally considered one of the best biographies in the German language [18] and then began his great work on the Geschichte der preussischen Politik , or, in English, The History of Prussian Politics Berlin, — Seven volumes were published, the last posthumously; in total the work consumed 32 volumes. It forms a complete history of the growth of the Prussian monarchy to the year This, like all Droysen's work, shows a strongly marked individuality, and a penchant of tracing the manner in which important dynamic forces worked themselves out in history.

Droysen was twice married, and died in Berlin. His eldest son, Gustav , wrote several well-known historical works, namely, Gustav Adolf Leipzig, — , a study of the Gustavus Adolphus , the King of Sweden during the Thirty Years War , and Herzog Bernhard von Weimar Leipzig , , a study of Duke Bernhard , another able Protestant General during the Thirty Years War; [20] an Historischer Handatlas Leipzig, , a geographic analysis of historical and territorial changes, and several writings on various events of the Thirty Years' War.

Another son, Hans Droysen, was the author of some works on Greek history and antiquities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hegel , [4] August Böckh [4]. Conversations with Alan Musgrave , Springer , p.

Comparative Sociology in Historical Perspective: Ein Leben zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik. Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide.

In this context, EEX AG provides the exchange with the financial, human and material resources required to carry out and further develop the exchange operations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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In , Droysen was appointed professor of history at the University of Kiel.

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