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Year was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. In the proleptic Gregorian calendar, it was a non-leap century year starting on Wednesday (like ). AnyMusic supports more than online streaming sites, whatever music and video you’re looking for, you can always get it with AnyMusic. AnyMusic supports more than online streaming sites, whatever music and video you’re looking for, you can always get it with AnyMusic. Home. I Want To Buy.

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For the Moby song, see Thousand song. List of numbers — Integers. Oblong or promic, pronic, or heteromecic numbers". Numbers that are both lucky and prime". Increasing gaps between primes upper end ". From Counting to Cryptography. Also centered octagonal numbers". A court in Frankfurt Markoff or Markov numbers".

Fermat pseudoprimes to base 2". Harmonic or Ore numbers". The American Mathematical Monthly. Mathematical Association of America. Knuth's up-arrow notation Conway chained arrow notation Steinhaus—Moser notation.

Hyperoperation Tetration Pentation Ackermann function Bowers's operators. In continental Europe, the Holy Roman Empire established itself as the most powerful state.

In the year , the Byzantine generals Theodorokanos and Nikephoros Xiphias captured the former Bulgarian capitals of Pliska and Great Preslav , along with Little Preslav , extending Byzantine control over the northeastern portion of the Bulgarian state Mysia and Scythia Minor. At the same time, Byzantium was instrumental in the Christianization of the Kievan Rus' and of other medieval Slavic states.

In Scandinavia , Christianization was in its early stages, with the Althingi of the Icelandic Commonwealth embracing Christianity in the year Sweyn I established Danish control over part of Norway.

Oslo , Norway , was founded the exact year is debatable, but the 1, year anniversary was held in the year The Papacy during this time was in a period of decline, in retrospect known as the saeculum obscurum "Dark Age" or " pornocracy " "rule of harlots" , a state of affairs that would result in the Great Schism later in the 11th century. Hungary was established in as a Christian state. In the next centuries, the Kingdom of Hungary became the pre-eminent cultural power in the Central European region.

The Reconquista was gaining some ground, but the southern Iberian peninsula would still be dominated by Islam for centuries to come; Córdoba at this time was the world's largest city with , inhabitants.

It is known that in or around this year, Norse explorer Leif Ericson became the first European to land in the Americas , at L'Anse aux Meadows in modern-day Newfoundland.

The Islamic world was in its Golden Age ; still organised in caliphates , it was still dominated by the Abbasid Caliphate , with the Caliphate of Córdoba to the west, and ongoing campaigns in Africa and in India. Persia was a period of instability, with various polities seceding from Abassid rule, among whom the Ghaznavids would emerge as the most powerful.

The Islamic world was reaching the peak of its historical scientific achievements. Important scholars and scientists who flourished in the year include Abu al-Qasim Abulcasis , Ibn Yunus publishes his astronomical treatise Al-Zij al-Hakimi al-Kabir in Cairo in c. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the single year For events or processes with the "approximate date" , see s decade , s , 10th century , and 11th century.

For the number, see number. Europe in AD

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