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May it continue to be so. And I had the discipline to leave the robot alone and not mess with it otherwise, I would have lost the trade. I think you do a wonderful job for your customers. July 11, PS. This is the first proper money I have made in trading and aside from some sleepless nights the last week its been great.

This means a huge amount to me as far as becoming a professional trader. I didn't think this would be how it would end up but its what I see in the future of my trading. That gap down just made me a ton of money. That was the 7th trade. I broke my rules and turned the robot off since that last trade just made the rest of the cycles profit and more I think.

Time to take some money out of the account I think. You are a genius. Cant keep thanking you enough. I am really happy with the results. According to your website, I understand that a discount will be available to purchase additional robots if a prior purchase has already been made.

I was wondering if you'd kindly grant me the discounts to purchase the above-mentioned robots? Best Regards, Samuel T. Recorded in Sept and still kicking butt today! Want more details about my Forex Trading Robots? Enter your email below and I'll send you a link for instant access! This is NOT the Martingale system or anything risky like that! I never wanted to lose like that again and I wanted to win like the casino did!

The huge profit potential is just an awesome side effect of the mathematics. The next time I played Roulette in Las Vegas, it was 12 years later and I had already developed most of this system. But that's nothing compared to what it can do in financial markets that consistently hand you frequent trends on a silver platter!

It's like having a roulette wheel completely rigged in your favor! When I first had the system programmed into an MT4 trading robot, I was totally blown away by the results, even on the most basic trade signals. Compare the two equity curves in the image on the right or below if you're on a cell phone. This is from a simple trend-following signal strategy. Notice that the sharp losses in the bottom equity curve without money management applied are flattened out in the top equity curve when my money management system was applied to the SAME trade signals , yet periods of profit are MUCH LARGER in the top image.

It's hard to believe these 2 results are from identical trades! The relatively flat periods in the top equity curve are the effect of my " Flat-Lining " technique and I'll teach you how it's done.

It's so simple, and yet the effects are absolutely amazing! If you've ever feared a losing streak, fear no more! Instructor was a real professional, passionate about sharing his knowledge with the students.

This class opened my eyes as far as how to really trade the markets. He answered all questions at my level of understanding and was willing to go the extra time to provide additional information if needed. Thank you for a well-organized and thorough class. He shared a lot of information that will be helpful in futures trading. He answered all the questions we had with lots of explanations.

It was a very fun class. I'm more comfortable now to getting in to the real world trading. Either an extension lower with price breaking the previous low, or a corrrective structure for a continuation higher to break above 10k.

So how I play it? Very simple, I execute a long position once I see a buy set-up on the 1hr time frame. Then bring stop loss to break even once The SP is moving as expected and that supports our long term view. That view tells us that we are in a long term consolidation. I am not going to bother you guy's how to interpreted fundamental drivers which are in perfect harmony with the technical's.

Hi traders, I have been explaining how to look at the structure for Bitcoin for a while now. I hope you see the value in reading structure because we have been on top of this before the big sell off started and now again before the bullish reversal started see previous low below. Some of the calls might have been controversial but that is because I ignore noise Hi traders, the SP took out the previous high we were looking for. This gives us the minimum requirements for a high probability bearish reversal.

Platinum along with Silver is getting very close to a long term reversal. Keep in mind that this is a weekly chart but Platinum and Silver are setting up a personal ATM machine. Do not miss it! I made a typo in the chart, looking for break below ish Safe trades!

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Don, This is a first for me - the first trades ever taken by a bot that were winners for me.

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This is from a simple trend-following signal strategy.

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