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Single FortiGate managing a single FortiSwitch

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FS - Financial Services. IM - Investment Management. KM - Knowledge Management. LE - Logistics Execution.

LO - Logistics - General. MM - Materials Management. PA - Personnel Management. PE - Training and Event Management.

PM - Plant Maintenance. PP - Production Planning and Control. PT - Personnel Time Management. QM - Quality Management. RE - Real Estate Management.

SD - Sales and Distribution. WP - Obsolete Product: The software immediately recognized the DX8 and I was ready to fly. It is that easy. The Phoenix has dozens of models of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to choose from. You can choose from about a dozen different fields to fly from. Each is an actual photo of the site, and looks as real as a photo.

You take off and fly around the field without restriction. Every move of the transmitter results in an absolutely real reaction on the screen. I got my heli before I got the sw, and immediately after take off I crashed at high speed into our patio wall, causing a lot of damage to the heli.

I lost control so quickly that I didn't have time to figure out how to slow it down before the impact my wife, who was watching, learned some new words. While I was repairing the heli, the Phoenix sw arrived. But, this time I only crashed on my computer, so there was no damage, no 'fix it' time and only a couple of bad words. The fw automatically restarted from the takeoff position, and I was flying again.

More importantly, when I crashed it was not nearly as hard as before, because I had enough skill, thanks to the Phoenix flight-training, to crash 'softer' i. The simulation flies identically to the real model as far as my inexperience can tell, anyway. The Phoenix package also includes competition modes and training scenarios, such as busting tethered balloons, shooting at other aircraft with lasers, bombing competitions, spot landing competitions, etc. This software makes a good video game on its own.

I strongly recommend anyone new to RC buy this software. It has saved me many hours, and dollars, in repair costs. And now my wife doesn't laugh at my flying as much as she did before I had it. Having an interest in RC aircraft since childhood, I haven't actually participated in the hobby until now. What better way to dive in but to purchase a 3D Helicopter kit. After assembly and buying all the necessary accessories, my first flight lasted about 5 seconds.

I've spent over 3X the cost of the simulator in parts learning to fly A friend of mine who got me to actually purchase the helicopter in the first place suggested I buy the Phoenix, I hesitated to do it just because I assumed that even though I have my commercial pilots license, the simulator would not be necessary. I have spent hours and hours actually learning to fly the exact model of my "real life RC helicopter". I can now fly my helicopter with confidence for basic techniques and working on more advanced skills on this sim first as they are much harder to master.

My suggestion for anyone entering this hobby would be to train on the simulator before buying the actual RC model. There are many many simulator models to choose from.

This allows you to get a feel for how the aircraft handles, which may or may not suit your liking and you can then purchase the actual model down the road knowing that you already know what to expect.

It's somewhat "test driving" the real thing. Saving you lots of money and frustration. For those who already have RC experience, you can experiment with new maneuvers without worrying about crashing and repairing your model. Do those tricks virtually and it reduces the need to have someone more experienced with you with the training cable connected to their transmitter to save you if you get into trouble..

This Simulator is constantly adding new models: You can also change your geography, fly at night, change weather, adjust countless variables of the aircraft, assign switches, fly with friends online, record your flight and more. My internet connection isn't super fast, and the online connectivity has always been fine. The software lets you practice specific evolutions as well: Now I know what my next couple of aircraft will be, and not have to wonder if I'll like them.

It was a difficult choice between Realflight and the Phoenix Simulators. I chose the Phoenix because you do not need to purchase add on hanger packs to expand your variety of aircraft. I fly fixed wing airplanes and use a futuba 6xa radio with a round trainer plug. I need to purchase an adaptor to hook up the simulator to my radio. They vary in price for different radios.

You do have the option of purchasing a radio with the simulator but I wanted to use the radio I would use in the field. Everything pluged up fine and easy. The program install flawlessly and after a simple calibration of my radio to the program I was ready to go. One feature I really like is everytime I open the program it goes online to check for new free download aircraft which you then have the choice of adding to the program or not.

The simulation seems very realistic. All the aircraft have different flight characteristics so they handle differently. With the exception of having to add the adaptor cord this is perfect for my use. This simulator is great from beginning all the way to advanced.

I do prefer this simulator over great planes v6. I mainly use it for helicopter training and i'm happy they have all the helicopters i would buy and fly. I love that i can use my transmitter with it which brought the cost down. If your starting out or want to learn how to fly advanced aircraft and perform 3d stunts, this is the simulator. Great Planes is great also, but i would suggest getting a simulator that has the aircraft your most likely going to buy.

I have both but use this one way more. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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