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What we do for you. Every day.. is a trading name of GAIN Capital UK Limited. GAIN Capital UK Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales with UK Companies House number and with its registered office at 16 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB. After the huge success of the first Festival in , CODE_n is back with the second edition. Once again, GFT is a major Partner.

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GFT UK Review: GFT UK is a UK forex broker, offering Metatrader and DealBook trading platforms. Read more about GFT UK trading conditions here.

Advisory Your reliable partners We advise in all transformation processes from the idea to the implementation of global business and operating models. Software solutions Your technology specialists We develop IT solutions, modules or application packages, tailored to your needs. Application management Your global delivery workforce We take responsibility for the maintenance, customisation and development of applications — both onsite and nearshore.

Capital Markets Our capital markets experts help you meet increasing regulatory requirements. Retail banking We specialise in guiding major retail banks through the digitalisation process. Insurance Cut costs and gain efficiency. The era of exponential banking Leveraging exponential technologies to generate new business models in banking.

Ready to Grow Join our international team to shape and transform digital business. Our Thought Leadership How to adapt your business to an ever changing world. My last 2 trades honored by CCcaptol 1. Now the same scenario with GFT, I have positioned the last two trades 1. YES they have averaged all my 4 trades t 1. Guess what, I am physiological drained and exhausted of the bad day of a bad trading, and I decide to close all my positions which sounds the right thing to do..!

As soon as the market get close to 1. Now, let's assume that by the end of the day I will hold all my positions for the next day, and hoping that the market will eventually reverse and go back to 1. Well this is their tricks..! They are active at the price that they were bought 1. With GFT account at 6 Pm all your position will be closed and repositioned at the market price! So this is deal Your account now is suffering of an effective drawdown liquidity.

To recover the 40k you have to wait until the market gets at least to 1. The GFT has been liquidated in a matter of 55 days. Furthermore, this is what I have received from them today!!! Dear Max It has come to our attention that your may be interested in opening an account with GFT or having a demo account with us. This is to notify you that GFT will not accept your application to open an account and will not allow you to have a demo account.

This decision was made for our own business reasons, based on our business objectives, and should not be viewed as an adverse comment on your personal qualifications to maintain an account. There are many business reasons why GFT may reject an account, and GFT does not discuss with individuals its reasons for closing their accounts or rejecting them all together. GFT Forex tries to mislead you. I'm running live and demo account with GFT side by side.

I placed a sell stop 1. The GFT Demo filled the sell order 1. The GFT Live filled the sell order 1. I tried to close the live position 1. So I took only 2 pips profit instead of 8 pips because of the slippage. GFT advertise "as low as 1 pip spread", however actual transaction costs are far higher. I have been trading with GFT for 5 years now.

Everything was OK when I was losing. However in the last year I made some profit and decided to take some money out. After the withdrawal I had nothing but negative experiances with GFT. Platform freezing, slow execution, orders rejection and so on. I'm thinking about switching to futures now.

I am a client of GFT Forex. Here is what I receive: Check their regulatory track record on NFA website. Over 10 years with no flaws. Also check their capital onn cftc. All the guys I spoke to are helpful and friendly. Very user friendly, armed with powerful technical analysis tools. Excellent choice for an experienced trader. GFT processed my withdraw requests the same day.

With all that turmoil in the financial world it is nice to trade with a solid company like GFT. GFT does not hesitate to take advantage of the fact that they hold our money and store all the trading logs.

Winning positions appeared on my account out of nowhere. Losing positions appear out of nowhere. Of course, the losers far larger than the winners. How can I prove that I haven't open that positions? I've moved my account to another broker, but I'd really like to see GFT going down. GFT's platform freezes up - especially when I want to close a profit. Hung application, run time error, external I don't know what GFT disabled my auto trading system - and it happens only to my profitable account.

They claim it might be technical issue and requested the logs. However their trading platform does not store any logs of GFT's dealing desk actions. Customer service was not good at all. LOTS of slippage, even during slow times. Spreads increased, even during non vol times. It took 2 weeks to get the money wired, they kept saying it was due to trades needing to "settle". I have caught the support people in lies often and finally withdrew my money.

Stay away from GFT Forex. Do your homework and select a broker with a good rep. My overall trades with them have just been unprofitable. This is, on most parts due to my orders not getting filled for some reason. This is especially applicable when it comes to their direct deals.

Since then, all my orders were dealt with directly through a human personnel instead of through their direct automated dealing desk. This was not a solution either because by the time someone actually got down to looking at my orders, the market had changed so I still continued to get requoted. Yes, you read well: A partner invested in your success Trade with confidence and benefit from the reliability of a trusted broker with a proven record of stability, security and strength. Open an Account Not ready?

Sign up for a demo account. Financial strength and security. Could firmer metals support beleaguered Aussie? October 3, Your new account Our dedicated specialists will contact you to help get you started with your new account and answer your questions.


They know no shame as a crook would not.

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They are active at the price that they were bought 1.

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