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General Regulation & Hong Kong Regulation.

Asia: Hong Kong Below is a list of online forex brokers which are incorporated or registered in Hong Kong. Click on the links in the left column menu for forex . Despite the fact Hong Kong is part of China, it is one of the biggest strongholds of capitalism, investing and one of the key centers of financial markets.

Despite the fact that in some developing countries Forex regulation is not clear and in some it is even considered to be illegal to trade currencies, in the Western world it is legal and strictly regulated.

Each financial crash around the globe has brought about stricter rules for brokers, lowered maximum leverage, increased margin requirements and ousted lots of unregulated brokers. Some countries, which did not have any regulation in the area have already started forming a legal framework for supervision and monitoring of local Forex markets. It came about in after stock markets around the World crashed. The crash started with the Hong Kong stock market and spread to the rest of the World.

So, the newly founded regulator introduced strict regulatory measures so that similar events would not happen again. HKSFC issues licenses to brokers who want to operate in the area and then supervises and monitors those brokers how they comply with the rules set by the agency.

It carefully monitors all markets operations in Hong Kong and authorizes every product before it is offered by its regulated brokers to their customers. It also analyses complaints from investors about their brokers and punishes the guilty party according to its transgression. The trading platform will be your tool to trade currencies or any other securities so you need to check what a regulated broker offers you.

First of all, you will have to download a demo version from their website and familiarize yourself with it. You will be able to see if it is good enough, easy enough to use and if it has all the necessary features that you need. If not, you can go to another broker and see what platform he has. Nowadays, most brokers will offer the popular Metatrader 4 platform and a browser version of their own webtrader. Choose whichever platform you want, but do not forget to test it before opening a real money account.

On each trade you make a broker gets paid. By means of a spread. A spread is the difference between the buy and sell price. So, when you open a buy or sell position in the pair you have a loss of those 1 or 2 pips. The same is true with other pairs with higher spreads.

You should choose a broker with the lowest spreads because each operation reduces your profits and if spreads are high your profits will decrease significantly. Under colonial rule, it espoused minimum government intervention under the ethos of positive non-interventionism. The Hong Kong dollar is the 9th most traded currency in the world. Hong Kong's independent judiciary functions under the common law framework.

Its political system is governed by the Basic Law of Hong Kong, its constitutional document, which stipulates that Hong Kong shall have a "high degree of autonomy" in all matters except foreign relations and military defence.

Although it has a burgeoning multi-party system, half of its legislature is controlled by a small-circle electorate. Originally confined to Hong Kong Island, the colony's boundaries were extended in stages to the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories by It was occupied by Japan during the Pacific War, after which the British resumed control until , when China regained sovereignty.

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