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Free Trading Guides from Falcon. Learn How to Trade. The Learn How to Trade Guide helps the beginning trader to understand his/her choices and different paths in the world of trading. Selecting the path right for you is very important. Many beginning traders could have done much better if they had a better understanding of all their options. As a marketplace, an alternative trading system (ATS) is regulated under the Securities Act (Ontario) and National Instrument Marketplace Operation (NI ), National Instrument Trading Rules and their related companion policies.

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Many traders have come across advertisements for trading systems that promise to generate profitable buy or sell signals for triple-digit annual returns. Of course, savvy traders know that these.

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By blending good analysis with effective implementation, you can dramatically improve your profits in the forex trading market. Based on a six month rolling time interval our algorithmic trading systems has demonstrated a strong negative correlation to the equities market during pullbacks, and even multi-year bear markets.

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