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The candles are clear and easy to read. Falcor draws slope lines trend lines I guess? Sometimes that line changes color too. Overall I liked the lack of clutter and the colors most.

I know very little about price action honestly. Falcor draws some lines on the chart and makes a few indications of what it is doing.

But I never really had a clear indication of what was going on. Still I would like to know more about the criteria as a whole. The trades it took were healthy. Overall I have kept using Falcor and did receive my free license.

After two years I guess they had flushed it out pretty well. Mostly because I have pretty good spreads on those guys. Overall I liked Falcor and I will continue to use it and try to get a better feel for what it looks for in a trade. A few months ago I landed an advanced copy of the Reaper Forex Robot.

A buddy of mine had managed to get into the testing from a message board and sent me an invite as well. Basically the creators told us to use it with the default settings out of the box on as many pairs as we chose. In return we would get free licenses when the robot left beta and went public.

That is if we kept using it. Installing Reaper was pretty easy. I basically moved some files from a zip over to my MT4 data folder. I opened up a eurusd m15 chart and selected the Reaper template.

It has a very red appearance with red backgrounds and bars. After attaching the actual EA, the chart looked very cool. The robot draws a text version of its logo by default.

You can also turn that off in the settings. All in all it is visually impressive. Now to the good stuff. For a short window of about 5 hours a day, it waits to find the highs and lows of the chart pair. I had personally never traded a breakout system before, but the logic is sound. It has a population of about 7.

Switzerland is also known for its neutrality as it has refrained from participating in either of the two World Wars. Its main trading partners are Germany, the U.

Unlike most central banks, the SNB sets a target range for its desired interest rate also called Libor rather than a fixed figure for three months. One of the major monetary policies of the SNB is inflation targeting. Speaking of open market operations, the bank influences the Libor rate through short-term repurchase repo transactions. A repo transaction involves selling of a particular security for cash and agreeing to repurchase the same security at a later date.

On the other hand, the SNB can reduce liquidity by increasing the repo rate, eventually increasing the Libor rate as well. On the fiscal side, one attractive fiscal policy that Switzerland has is that they have some of the lowest tax rates among developed nations.

Corporate tax rates in Switzerland run from 8. This, in addition to its bank secrecy laws, makes Switzerland one of the most business-friendly nations in the world. Not too long ago, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg also termed their currencies as francs… until they adopted the cooler euro, that is.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to trade Forex, from wanting to earn some extra income to pursuing a new career. Here are three of the main reasons our clients enjoy Forex trading:.

Markets are open 24 hours With different market opening hours around the world, you can trade currency 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Forex trading is particularly popular for the following:. If you have any questions about Forex trading, feel free to speak to our client support team. Ich habe gelesen und stimme zu, dass meine Daten in Übereinstimmung mit der Datenschutzrichtlinie verwendet werden. Bereit für ein Live Konto?

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Switzerland: Facts, Figures, and Features

Though I did have to use a new license system that required demo account numbers.

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This forex EA has a blue interface that reminds me of a deep lake. For a short window of about 5 hours a day, it waits to find the highs and lows of the chart pair.

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