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View the basic BNO stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare United States Brent Oil Fund, L against other companies. Fund Details. The United States Brent Oil Fund ® LP (BNO) is an exchange-traded security designed to track the daily price movements of Brent crude oil. BNO issues shares that may be purchased and sold on the NYSE Arca. The investment objective of BNO is for the daily changes in percentage terms of its shares' NAV to reflect the daily changes in percentage terms of the spot price of Brent.

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The total population of British National Overseas , therefore, would continue to decline over the next decades and eventually be extinct. The registration process of the British National Overseas started on 1 July Unlike registration procedures of other classes of British nationality, there was no certificate of registration issued to successful applicants.

Instead, all those who opted for the status were required to make an application for a British National Overseas passport at the time of registration, and a BN O passport remains today the sole legal document to demonstrate one's BN O status. In order to avoid peaks in the registration process towards 1 July , the British government, by means of enacting the Hong Kong British Nationality Amendment Order , divided BDTCs into several groups in by their year of birth. Each group was given a deadline for registering as BN O s until 30 September Those who had acquired BDTC between 1 January and 30 June , however, were allowed to register until 30 September of the same year, three months after the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong.

In light of the United Kingdom Memorandum to the Joint Declaration, 31 December was the last day for any eligible person to register for the British National Overseas.

After a brief period of optimism after Deng Xiaoping 's promise of retaining Hong Kong's British Common Law system, safeguarding the independence of judicial proceedings from government intervention and preserving the capitalist market economy, initial response to the registration for BN O was unenthusiastic.

On 4 June , the massacre of unarmed university students at the Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing, however, eliminated the credibility of the Chinese government among the residents of Hong Kong. Under pressure from the Legislative Council of Hong Kong , the government of United Kingdom created a selection scheme to grant full British citizenship to 50, families based on a meritocratic points system.

As of 31 December , around 3. As a result, these people with Chinese nationality only acquired the permanent resident status of Hong Kong automatically after seven years of residence.

Thus, almost all of them were unable to obtain passports of any country the issuance of Chinese passport was restricted to officials travelling on government duty until the s. As a temporary resolution, the colonial government issued Hong Kong Certificate of Identity , commonly known as CI, as a travel document to these immigrants.

Because all CI holders who were born in Mainland China were nationals of China, the nationality status of these people remain unchanged after the handover although they could apply for the HKSAR passport after 1 July Prior to the transfer of sovereignty, the personal information of BN O s were collected and managed by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.

Since 1 July , the only way to relinquish one's BN O status is to make a voluntary application to the Home Secretary. To renounce their BN O status, the applicant must: In line with other "inactive" classes of British nationality e.

However, the renunciation will be voided and the BN O status will be automatically resumed if the following conditions are satisfied:. Under article 4 3 of the Order, a person's status as a British National Overseas was tied to their status as a British Dependent Territories citizen. The design of such passports are the same as the British citizen passports, but without the text " European Union " on the front cover. All BN O passports issued after are biometric passports.

British Nationals Overseas are Commonwealth citizens and therefore enjoy certain rights when visiting or residing in the United Kingdom. When residing in the United Kingdom, BN O s have the same rights as Commonwealth citizens , including the exemption of requirement to register with the local police, eligibility to serve in the non-reserved posts of the Her Majesty's Civil Service , and eligibility of voting in local, national and European elections.

If they also hold the indefinite leave to remain , they are eligible to stand in election for the House of Commons of the United Kingdom and local government in the United Kingdom. They do not face an annual quota or require a government or employer as their sponsor in order to take part in the Scheme. Working holiday visa also known as "entry clearance" holders are free to perform employment activities with certain restrictions in the United Kingdom for up to two years. British Nationals Overseas with other citizenship or nationalities can be registered instead of being naturalized as British citizens under section 4 of the British Nationality Act They need to have either lived in the UK for at least 5 years and spent no more than days abroad during that time, as well as no more than 90 days abroad in the last 12 months before the application the last 12 months should also be free from any immigration restrictions, such as holding Indefinite Leave to Remain ; or worked in Crown Service at any time.

They get citizenship "otherwise than by descent", and their children under 18 or future children born outside UK can also be British citizens.

For those without other citizenship or nationality, section 4B of the British Nationality Act , as amended by the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act , provides a way for them to register as British citizens without any type of residence in the United Kingdom. To qualify, they must have not renounced, voluntary given up, or lost through action or inaction any citizenship or nationality.

Registering as a British citizen has no effect on one's BN O status, although the person would be ineligible for a BN O passport if he or she has acquired a British citizen passport. Instead, the British citizen passport will have an additional annotation stating the person's right of abode in Hong Kong as well as the person's additional British National Overseas status.

Because a person's BN O status is no longer associated with his or her residence status of Hong Kong after , no special rights or privileges are accorded to persons with BN O status by the Hong Kong SAR government, except for the fact that holders of BN O passports may enter Hong Kong without a visa or an entry permit under any circumstances. Contrary to the passport's annotation which states a holder of a BN O passport has the right of abode in Hong Kong, a BN O will lose his or her right of abode under the Immigration Ordinance if he or she.

However, persons who lose the right of abode acquire the right to land automatically, a status which accredits most of the rights and responsibilities of permanent residents. The only difference is that persons with the right to land can be subject to a deportation order, and the person will then lose his or her right to land when the deportation order is in force.

A deportation order can be issued to a person who:. Under these scenarios, a BN O whose right to land is deprived will be deported from Hong Kong, and he or she will be de facto stateless if his permanent residency in another country is also expired or revoked.

Although British Nationals Overseas are British nationals under British nationality law, most of them are also of Chinese descent. As a result, all BN O s with Chinese ancestry, who were born or naturalized in Hong Kong, are dual nationals of UK and China due to a special legislation implanted in Hong Kong since the handover of sovereignty. One clause of the legislation granted Chinese nationality to those who are of Chinese descent and were born on Hong Kong soil, even after the handover; while the other clause declared all types of British nationalities acquired by the city's Chinese residents as "illegitimate", including BN O and British citizenship acquired through the BNSS.

Moreover, China does not recognize dual nationality for its nationals, and Chinese authorities considered these dual nationals solely as Chinese nationals. Until Ching's release in February , the British government refused to provide consular protection, despite petitions by civil rights groups to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO. The FCO explained that they could provide assistance to Ching, but they simply could not intervene in the judicial proceedings of other countries.

British Nationals Overseas are subject to immigration controls and do not have the right of abode in the UK. Fearing a massive influx of immigrants from former British colonies, the Conservative government under Margaret Thatcher refused to grant the right of abode in the United Kingdom to residents of Hong Kong. The only exception is that a British National Overseas who was born before and has been a British citizen up to the same year, could renounce his or her British citizenship without losing the right of abode in the UK.

The creation of a new class of British nationality with fewer privileges was met with criticism from many Hong Kong residents who felt that British citizenship would have been more appropriate in light of the "moral debt" owed to them by the UK. The British Nationality Law has been criticised by experts, [h] as well as by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of the United Nations , [i] on the grounds that the different classes of British nationality it created are, in fact, closely related to the ethnic origins of their holders.

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It is, however, a matter of concern that such status does not grant the bearer the right of abode in the United Kingdom and contrasts with the full citizenship status conferred upon a predominantly white population living in another dependent territory.

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If this agreement were terminated, the Annual Fund operating Expenses could increase, which would negatively impact your total return from an investment in BNO.

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