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The Forex AutoPilot EAs created for both, beginners and seasoned traders. With the user manual that comes with the software, clients will learn everything they need to know about the Forex market to be able to start trading within minutes.

Not pleasant, but the truth nonetheless. Unlike the rest, Forex Auto Pilot System enables you to generate a steady stream of income on auto-pilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year. Not to put too fine a point on it -- I am offering you a truly legitimate opportunity that people from all over the world, just like you, are achieving amazing results with every single day.

Only today, I received an email from Michael of New York who resigned from his job only 8 weeks after he had started using this system. He was making so much new income working from home on his computer that he had no need to keep working at his regular job. Why bother re-inventing the wheel? If you already have access to a proven formula for success — use it!

You can start making money instantly! This powerful proprietary software comes complete with step-by-step training material that will teach you how to begin making money right from the moment you start! Should you require any assistance or advice they will be there to talk you through step-by-step.

But what if you had something that earned you a substantial income all day, everyday — for the rest of your life? Imagine being in charge of a something that never failed to provide you with cash-flow. An everlasting passive income generator, a system so dependable and amazingly profitable that you never had to work for a boss ever again! What does this mean for you? Do you remember what I said about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs knowing exactly what to do and when to do it?

So NOW is the prime-time to get in on the ground-floor and start making an incredible income completely on auto-pilot! Download Forex Auto Pilot 2.

Open a Real or Demo account with your broker 3. How do I know? Because believe it or not -- I was once in your shoes…. I made my living taking advantages of price differences between the buy and sell prices of currency pairs. By predicting the market trends I made this dude a fortune and the more profit I gained — the more he gave me to invest.

Things were going great, unbelievable in fact…. I began to invest in Intraday — a Highly-Profitable short term trading platform based on large numbers of trades during short periods of time 5 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 1 Hour. I was on a roll…. The only downside of Intraday Trading was that I had to constantly monitor the market situation while making a huge number of trades. And after 12 Hours of non-stop concentration and a distinct lack of food and water I was beginning to grow tired.

But how could I stop? I invested the entire amount in a single trade. The indicators were good. It was just a matter of waiting and riding the trend to completion…But my eyes became heavy… I rested my head on the desk…. I awoke to see a red line plummeting down the graph on my screen. The trade has bottomed-out.

Although it had peaked as suspected, I was not awake to exit at a profitable time. I had lost everything and all because I was human! Having lost my job and with a mountain of bills to pay I began to search for another career… One thing kept bugging me though. What if I never had to sleep? There was no denying the highly-profitable nature of Intraday trading on the Forex.

What if I could develop a fully independent robot to trade for me 24 hours a day? After all this was the 21st Century… The profits would be insane right? I immediately contacted a friend of mine — Steven Strauss, a programmer with an unbelievable head for figures.

We knew that with my Forex savvy and his awesome development skills we were onto a winner. But nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen….

After 3 months of round-the-clock programming it was finally ready. What we came up with was about to blow the roof on the Forex industry.

Too excited to wait, we put FAPS to the test -- the results were nothing less than astonishing. Below is a screenshot of my trading account after just 7 days of using the Forex Auto Pilot System. Not only had we created a completely automated trading system for global corporations to use — but by manipulating a unique Intraday trading algorithm we were able to apply the same technology for use by individual traders -- JUST LIKE YOU. My training material will show you how to achieve the exact same results.

Would you like to have a trading balance like this? Check out Trading Report: This is the real deal — an incredible system made with one purpose in mind. To continually generate consistent and substantial profits - completely on auto-pilot. Within a month of using the system I only had to work part-time, allowing me to spend more time with my daughter Lauren.

Expert Advisor with those common components for trading Forex markets. All you have to do is compile the exported MQ4 source code and your Expert Advisor will be ready. Forex Strategy Builder Professional 3. It is free to use and distribute. Forex Strategy Builder's user friendly interface allows you to Using market rates dating back to the s, Forex Strategy Builder immediately calculates statistics and creates charts Download Ninja speeds up your download s by splitting each file into chunks logical chunks and download ing each chunk using a different connection to the Download Email Header Analyzer 1.

When user download email header analyzer utility, then it becomes easier Download email header analyzer tool for free of cost. After doing the email header Forex Strategy Trader 3. Forex Strategy Trader is a free trading platform working The possibilities are innumerable as Forex Strategy Trader has more than indicators in Through this Download PST repair software user can easily understand software Amazing key features of download Microsoft PST file recovery software.

Forex Tester 3 is a software that simulates trading in the forex market. It is designed for you to learn How does it work? Forex Tester simulates the Forex market with unequalled realism. You can test strategies There is no need to download scanpst. This tool avoids the need to download scanpst.

Then you are on right page, download free tool from here or visit olm1. Just download Exchange recovery tool to recover EDB file from I have never seen anything like that since then. However, the system remained unchanged in that it still uses only internal stop loss values and quite big ones at that.

It can easily allow a pip loss trade to hover for days before it recovers of before it is stopped out. Some may be ok with this style of trading With a system as profitable as Forex Autopilot, risking your account to squeeze in one more pip winner trade by waiting on a pip loss to turn into profit is simply stupid. Yah, yah that bug is fixed now but, ya know For those who decided to keep reading - let's look at our report involving a 3-month trading record, which occurred between March and July and see what we can make of the robot's performance.

As was mentioned in the beginning — we buy a Forex robot or any automated system for that matter because we are lazy. We don't want to do the job ourselves.

Instead we would rather sleep, watch TV, play beach volleyball or do whatever else we might find amusing and entertaining. It's obvious then, that one of the most important characteristics of our chosen system should be reliability. I can do the allnighters on my own, without the need to buy no goddam robot Reliability is one of the most important characteristics of an Automated Trading System!

I have tried playing wise guy. That turned out to be a bad idea read below , but then - hey Or should I say "that's how I learn". Luckily for you, since you are reading this report you will be able to learn from my mistakes instead of your own. After reading this report you should be able to choose the perfect settings for your FAPS trading account, settings which will let the robot reap maximum profits while at the same time cutting losses dead in their tracks.

Not only that, but if you decide to buy it and email me your receipt I will send you absolutely FREE, a special robot which should help you automate this whole process.

Here's a summary of all my trades you can see details here:. The Total Pips value also speaks for itself. Don't screw around with the system. I did and it obviously cost me money. So don't do it. I understand the temptation to "diversify" your portfolio but the idea behind diversification is to minimize the risk and it works well in systems which allow for diversification.

The following tables shows the distribution of winning trades and their drawdowns. Although it may be an interesting exercise I am not trading it anymore so I feel there is no point wasting my time on the analysis. Drawdown or Potential SL pips — what maximum draw down did the trades in this row reach?

I split the drawdowns into groups of 10, e. Potential SL means that if we set a Stop Loss at the level all the trades in this row and all the preceding rows would still remain winners, whereas all the trades in the row below this one would become losers loss would be equal to the Stop Loss of course. Trades - How many trades reached this drawdown level before turning around and becoming winners.

There were 27 trades which had less than 10 pip drawdown and then quickly turned into winners and 13 trades which had between 10 and 19 pips drawdown. Profits At this Stop Loss Level — this is the most interesting column of all. What it means is: As you can see, at 10 pips stop loss which of course is ridiculous but we'll look at it for the sake of example all of our trades except for the 27 trades in the first row would have been losers, because all the other trades except these ones had a drawdown greater than 10 pips and so they would have hit our Stop Loss level at 10 pips.

Cumulative of trades at this SL. Profits at this SL pips. AND we wouldn't have to worry about how the system is doing! A quick glance at the bar chart shows us that there are 2 peaks in the profit values — the first one around the pip Stop Loss where our profits would have been pips and the second one around the pip Stop Loss where our profits would have been around pips.

Indeed the question now is — How Greedy Are You? And when I say "greedy" I mean that in a good way. But don't forget that at the end of the day the idea is to make money on autopilot, not drinking countless pots of coffee, pulling all-nighters, and staring at the charts.

I don't know about you but I would gladly sacrifice 50 or 70 pips a month only to know that my account and profits are safe! Eventually I wrote a nifty litle helper robot which would apply a stop loss value to all of Forex Autopilot's trades!

I set it and forget it! But hey … don't let me tell you what to do! I just give you some food for thought — how you want to use the results of my findings is of course entirely up to you. If you feel bold and want to go for the pip stop loss — by all means, go ahead.

Nothing wrong with that. Even at this SL level it's still a better setup than trading with no stop loss at all! By the way, I lied that I settled for the 80 pip stop loss I told the truth, but not the entire truth. I do use the 80 pip SL most of the time but I also use the pip one but in a special, clever way ;. That's a little secret and I will keep it a secret for now.

You won't need it if you don't decide to buy the Forex Autopilot system anyway and if you do — I will send the details to you along with my helper software ;. First of all you will need to decide which Stop Loss level you want to use. As pointed out above, I myself use mostly the 80 pip stop loss. You may want to experiment a little and see which value gives best results with your broker. Of course if the robot opens a trade while you are away and you come back 3 hours later and the trade is pips down then this won't help you much.

Plus you will have to deal with the nuisance of calculating the exact Stop Loss value manually and run the risk of calculating it wrong. How about a better way of doing this! Why not automate this process? Then you will have a truly automated system which you don't need to baby sit all the time!

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If you are serious about bringing in a FULL TIME income from the comfort of home, intrigued by the thought of making more money than you've ever dreamed possible, and wish to work as little as 10 hours a week in order to do so As you will see in my Report I'm going to tell you about my personal experience with Forex Autopilot and what I liked and didn't like about it.

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