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SIG SG 550

Sig Sauer Rifles For Sale.

SIG M ECP 16 FU ODG OUT OF STOCK Add to Wish List By adding this item to your Wish List, you will be notified automatically via email when this item is back in stock. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. Calls or emails about this item will not receive a response. Sig Sauer All Rifles. World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users.

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Upper Receiver - the upper receiver is a carry-over from the SIG series, it is stamped pressed , made of high carbon steel, and Nitron coated to protect against corrosion.

Trigger - the trigger is steel and two stage spring assisted with a pull of 6lbs DMR and 8lbs all others. Barrel life can be difficult to clarify due to lacking specifics from SIG Sauer; however the SG barrels had to be rated for military use includes automatic fire at 15, rounds —minimum. Seeing as SIG Sauer used a similar process for the SIG barrels, one should expect to see 10,, rounds before loss of accuracy throat erosion. As a semiautomatic weapon system the barrel should maintain utility beyond 15, rounds - some professional estimates giving it a 20,, round lifespan.

SIG barrels vary in length depending on the specific model being referenced and are all. The lower is made of T6 forged aluminum alloy, CNC machined, and has a hard coat anodized finish. The safety is ambidextrous; however the magazine release only accommodates right handed shooters. Like the AR weapon system, the SIG lower receiver detaches from the upper receiver by removing two pins pivot and take-down. The SIG incorporates the same threaded rear as found on the AR weapon system, meaning it can accept all stocks made for the AR, as well as a proprietary folding stock as it lacks a functioning buffer.

Utilizing a similar bolt catch design as that on the AR weapon system, the SIG bolt catch is simple and well placed. This adds modularity for those looking to mount weapon system accessories such as fore grips, rail mounted bipod, lights, lasers, and other task-centric accessories. The charging handle and offers a steeper degree which accommodates for optics and is made of allow steel.

Any rail mounted flip sights are ideal, thus removing the dovetail mounted front hooded sight from the gas block. This allows for upgrading to tritium assisted reference dots and compactness if using a primary optic. Button-actuated take down and pivot pins. These allow for field stripping the weapon without the use of tools to remove the screws on the OEM pins. For those looking to upgraded to an AR style stock for utility and comfort, there are many options.

Particularly a stock that still offers adjustable settings yet has an improved fit at the cheek weld. The OEM pistol grip is not a required swap, however if the shooter requires a more rubberized texture or finger grooves, Hogue offers an aftermarket option for the SIG that is ideal. For those who require a rail system, you have the option of the Samson rail or the Troy rail.

Variants of the SIG Technical Specifications merged among all models. Gas piston operated, rotating bolt. Swiss-style folding stock, rotary diopter sight, SIG style furniture. The SIG will also perform very well with 60 grain bullets from performance ammunition makers like Hornady and Black Hills, grouping on par if not better than its 62 grain NATO companions. Overall accuracy can be considered sub-MOA using the correct ammunition, meaning it is not ideal to expect tight and consistent groupings with the 55 grain bullet.

The SIG is admiringly front-heavy when you add a rail system, grips, and take into account the robust full size gas piston system. Coupled with weight distribution, the gas ejection port on the topside of the gas tube acts to push the weapon system downward while muzzle rise would in effect, lift it.

This makes for outstanding follow-up shots, and allows the shooter to stay on target with no interruptions to their sight picture. The felt recoil is absolutely minimal, especially with a quality aftermarket stock. The SIG has many features that play into its outstanding reliability.

The gas piston system allows for cooler operation, less carbon build up, and consistency. Alternatively, a left-handed shooter may release the bolt by pulling the rubber-coated charging handle to rear a short distance.

The SG has a side-folding skeletonized buttstock folds to the right side of the receiver and a lightweight aluminium bipod that folds into grooves in the lower handguard. The hinged stock is firmly locked in the folded position by a socket in the butt which clips into a plastic stud on the handguard; a firm pull will release the stock which is then swung into the closed position and locked by a button catch. A collapsible side-folding stock is also available.

The stock, pistol grip , and handguards are made of a high-strength polymer , and are produced in either green or black colour options. The steel receiver housing and several other components are manufactured using stamping and welding; external steel surfaces are finished with a ceramic-reinforced enamel coat known as Ilaflon.

The heavy, cold hammer-forged barrel is screwed into the receiver and is equipped with a slotted "bird cage" type flash suppressor that is also used to launch rifle grenades using standard, live ammunition or attach a knife bayonet the bayonet is supported by a lug located at the base of the gas block.

All rifles are test fired for accuracy and function prior to leaving the factory at the manufacturer's underground m test range. Random new rifles out of production were tested on a machine rest. When the R 50 results are doubled the hit probability increases to The gas system's components are made of stainless steel. The barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin are all made with steel that has been gas nitrided , hardened and tempered. The bolt and carrier, along with most other components internal to the receiver undergo a phosphating process.

The sights consist of a rear, rotating diopter drum soldered to the receiver and a hooded front post installed in the gas block. The sights are adjustable via micrometer screws with windage and elevation increments of 0.

For night use, the dedicated "1" notch setting in the rear sight drum is provided with two self-luminous tritium-powered inserts fitted laterally on each side of the notch and additionally in a flip-up post attached to the foresight. When firing rifle grenades the front sight hood is aligned with the uppermost edge of the grenade's warhead, this provides an estimated point of impact up to 75 m.

For designated marksman use, the SG is equipped with a Kern 4x24 telescopic sight on a quick-detachable mount. Included with the sight is a lens hood for mounting on the ocular that reduces image quality-impairing stray light and a gray filter for glare reduction.

The scope mounting system consists of a centering hole located on the front face of the rear sight assembly and a dovetail -like mounting point at the front end of the receiver. A version of the rifle with an integral receiver-mounted Picatinny rail is also offered; in this configuration the weapon is fitted with flip-up emergency battle sights—a rear aperture sight which folds down into a recess in the rail and a folding front blade.

Both the rifle and carbine come standard with a spare magazine, sling , cleaning kit and a loading aid for rapid magazine filling. The grenade launcher is a single-shot breech-loaded weapon that is supplied with a leaf sight that attaches to the rifle's rear sight base and enables accurate firing out to m.

The lightweight aluminium launcher weighs 1. An Stgw 90 bayonet can also be mounted to the rifle. The bayonets are manufactured exclusively for the Swiss Army by Victorinox and in the past by Wenger until Victorinox acquired Wenger in The handguards were also changed and the bipod removed.

The SG cannot be used with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. The SG comes in several specialized variants designed for use with security and special forces. The compact SG Commando full designation as the P [1] [6] carbine was released in July The return mechanism has been moved to the rear of the receiver housing and its recoil spring is guided in a way analogous to that of the AK The SG models were discontinued in and replaced by the SG Upgrade part kits are available to convert a SG in to a SG The SG is an improved version of the SG and was released in Further factory options for the SG rifle series are an integrated receiver Picatinny rail and an adjustable butt stock.

The modifications are available as a conversion kit that includes a new bolt carrier, charging handle, recoil spring and gas tube. The new folding stock has an adjustable cheek piece and a spacer system on the butt, the ergonomic pistol grip's angle of inclination can be regulated, the forend was shortened, and the bipod features a height and cant adjustment mechanism.

This model is no longer in production. The SIG is designed to meet these requirements. There are many variants of this rifle offered for sale. The first variant was sold with an aluminum Picatinny rail on the upper receiver and a series of plastic rails on the handguard. The market pushed SIG to produce the rifle with the slimmer profile type handguards and a hooded front sight; this version is marketed as the SIG Classic.

SIGP pistol variants with 10 in barrels are also available. In January , SIG introduced the xi series rifles as an improvement to the and R series rifles. Due to its operating principle, the rifle has no mechanical commonality with other SG variants. On 27 February , the Canadian semi-automatic "Classic Green" sporting rifle, also known as the Swiss Arms PE 90 , was re-classified as a "prohibited weapon".

However, late in , a gun dealer had imported some PE 90 rifles from Switzerland and brought them to Canada for sale. After some were sold, it was alleged by another retailer that they had previously been full-auto variants, converted to semi-auto. Upon investigation and examination by the RCMP, this was proven not to be the case as the rifles were purpose-built semi-automatic versions.

However, they did determine that a sample rifle provided by the complainant had been assembled with a receiver that had once been used in a fully automatic version of the rifle and declared the entire model line prohibited, with possible confiscation for destruction.

This caused outrage among gun owners, firearms lobbyists and some civil right advocates, who felt the RCMP over-stepped their authority, and that such policy changes should be enacted by legislation. The National Firearms Association of Canada considered pursuit of the matter through the legal system. The gas block integrates an adjustable gas regulator, the front sight with a flip-up night sight post, and the bayonet lug on the flash suppressor.

The SG Commando version with integral Picatinny rail and accessories. Swiss Grenadier carrying a Stgw 90 whilst taking part in the Swiss raid commando competition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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The pronounced yet simple bolt catch makes using any STANAG magazines and non-issue in terms of the bolt riding forward after the last round. This is a safe queen with few rounds testing.

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The gas system's components are made of stainless steel. Archived from the original on 6 June

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