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Ernst Troeltsch's History of the Philosophy of History Robert J. Rubanowice Journal of the History of Philosophy, Volume 14, Number 1, January

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If your new friend is older than a year he will have certified hip and elbow ratings of his own. Each Partner is required to implement this obligation in the contracts with its own contractors and sub-contractors. Some exceptions to the Space Station cross-waiver of liability exist. For instance, claims arising between a Partner and its own related entities, for example between the European Space Agency and one of its users, will be covered by contracts or sub-contracts that will not implicate the other international Partners.

Other exceptions to the cross-waiver of liability include claims for damages caused by wilful misconduct, claims made by a person for bodily injury or death, and intellectual property claims.

In practice, Space Station users will be asked to agree to an interparty waiver of liability as part of their contract with the European Space Agency, stating that each party will not bring claims in arbitration or sue the other party as a result of International Space Station activities.

The applicable law for disputes and the detailed procedures in case of arbitration will be decided mutually by the Space Station users and European Space Agency. The contract will specify the country where the Arbitration Tribunal shall sit, normally in the country where the user has his legal seat.

The main objective of the Space Station Partners concerning property rights is to avoid the infringement of rights owned by another Partner and their entities e. But the Space Station users should be aware that those procedures have to take into account the obligation the Partners have to exchange specific technical data and goods when necessary, to operate and utilise the Space Station in a safe manner Article 19 of the Intergovernmental Agreement. Therefore, each space agency and its affiliates - any industry or academic institution under contract - have the obligation to mark their technical data or goods with a notice that indicates any specific conditions regarding how those data or goods may be used by other agencies, their contractors and subcontractors.

The marking rules protect also third-party intellectual property rights. Any third party proprietary data, which may be required in order for the Partners to carry out their responsibilities, or which may be derived from an experiment, will also be properly marked and protected. Those procedures cover all personnel, including ground and Space Station crew. The Crew Code of Conduct, agreed on by the Partners in September , sets specific rules and a chain of command for the astronauts and cosmonauts.

Some specific regulations concerning the handling of data and goods by the Space Station crewmembers have been included in the Code of Conduct, which contribute to protect the intellectual property rights of Space Station users. If anyhow an infringement of intellectual property were the cause of a claim for damages, legal proceedings would have to be taken against the infringing party.

Because of the particular situation of the European Partner and to prevent simultaneous claims in multiple European countries, some specific provisions are provided in the Intergovernmental Agreement Article As a rule, the industrial and academic users who will have access to the Space Station through the European Space Agency will have their rights and obligations determined by the contractual framework they will have agreed on with the Agency.

The ownership and the exploitation of any intellectual property - data or product - resulting from the Space Station utilisation will then be highly dependent on the type of contract the users will have signed with ESA. But the general Space Station framework sets already the following principles for intellectual property rights. For example, an invention made on a Japanese Element e.

Kibo Laboratory will be deemed to have occurred in Japan. This does not impact the ownership of the invention, not does it preclude the right to file for a patent in multiple countries.

An inventor may file for a patent in any country he chooses. For example a European researcher inventing a process resulting from his experiment in the Kibo Laboratory Japanese territory , may file for a patent anywhere in the world to protect his invention. The purpose of the territorial approach e. With respect to the European elements e. Columbus Laboratory , any European Partner State may extend its national law to the European elements and elect to deem the activity to have occurred within its territory.

In theory, an invention occurring in the European Laboratory could then be deemed to have occurred in France or Germany. You have already rated this page, you can only rate it once! Your rating has been changed, thanks for rating!

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Troeltsch's Berlin colleague, Friedrich Meinecke, believed that "the theologian in him was never completely extinct as a philosopher of history. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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