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Your productivity increase will vary. Your estimated savings will vary. Please review Privacy Statement prior to submitting this form. Collaboration Ask questions, report problems and get help. Set the Motion Detection Area. You can set it from 5s to s. Triggered by alarm input: The switch is triggered by alarm input, and you can set the triggered mode to day or night. Shoot me your email in a PM and I will send you a copy of it.

The manual is written for and covers a wide range of cameras. One of the config tabs lets you choose profiles - day and night.

I don't have the screens in front of me, but they're easy to find. You set your parameters however you want in the day and night profiles, and it changes between those profiles at the scheduled times. The manual may help with this as well. I logged in to one of the cams and this is what I believe it's asking for implying re: There is one Start, and one Stop.

This apparently applies to scheduling DAY mode. I'm making use of this feature in three of my cams, and one shown is the least intuitive. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Please sign-in or register to view or download. This means it is bright enough for day mode but after the night they not switch easy.

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