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"Profits Run Review - Bill Poulos Scam? Read User Reviews Of Profits Run Inc"

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Company Info: Profit Run's official website ( was created on the 1st of August Bill Poulos has a degree in Industrial Engineering with a Master’s degree in Business Administration majoring in finance. He has been trading for 35 years and claims to be very successful and that he is helping others through his knowledge. Table Header Titles. Robot: the Forex robot name including its rating order number according to the RFR Rank# that reflects its overall performanc, the name holds a link to its review article page. Broker: the broker name providing the trading account. Type: the trading account type, whether real or demo. Started: the date of starting using the .

Stochastic Crossover Strategy

This is an entry for a Forex product called Forex Fisher official site for this product is at you’re looking for .

Many Forex robots are currently on our schedule and we can publish a review at once every certain period of time according to many factors related to the review and the Forex robot itself. Unfortunately, we can not add reviews on individual request basis, but we can promise to put the requests on schedule!

As we didn't test Black Diamond Trader vr. Once published, it will reach you via our social media pages and newsletter! Free Forex Robots Or you can directly download its latest version 3. Well, Blessing 3 EA is an empty Forex robot, which means that it has a good strategy but misses an optimized set file to run safely on a real account and be able to make profits, I think that this is their way for marketing the paid version of the robot, and since we didn't test it previously we don't currently have an optimized set file for it if this is what you mean by "our list" and can't recommend it too.

It has an overall rating of 2. To download its latest version 3. Forex robot developers have many reasons to publish their inventions for free; they may be promoting a premium version up-sell of the free one and we think that this is the case with Blessing 3 EA or may be willing to prove their professionalization dealing with Forex market to attract customers to subscribe in some other related paid service provided by the same developer or they might be just giving it away! This top list represents the final rating based on applying each Forex robot live performance results to a common exclusive formula which till us which is the best and the worst one regarding its profitability vs time, profitability vs drawdown and some more measurements, all gathered together to arrange the positions and ratings in this top list table.

I use software by anna forex monti and I'm satisfied. It's not so easy to add a forex robot review every day to our list, first we carefully select the most promising and solid systems in the market taking into consideration many factors including its reputation and previous real trader reviews, then when we decide to review it, much time will be necessary to complete a satisfying review to the traders seeking information and brief analysis about that software performance.

This is a very large question, as many important factors other than Forex robots influence your trading profits, the first and most important of them is yourself and how self confident you are, your available investment capital, the broker you are trading with, the currency pairs you prefer to trade, the market conditions while trading and finally the Forex robot you would choose!

While a good Forex Robot can limit those factors bad effects on your profits or even abolish them, no one can predict exactly how much you can gain! SolidGround Cue Well, it depends on what work you are expecting it to do, if you are expecting it to make you rich in a few days, weeks or even months, this is not what you are looking for!

Forex Robots main target is to let you go, do other jobs, perform routine tasks even go to sleep while its there trading for you, so that it allows you not to miss or interrupt your ordinary life behavior while your business isn't missed too, so the minimum expected from a Forex Robot is to keep trading along the day as if you are setting performing your trades yourself while you can check its performance from time to time, the more advanced EAs don't content just to keep your business up, but is also try to maximize your profits, so what you need to do is to find an entrusted EA with your money which not only keep your business up, but is able to maximize your profits too.

How come I haven't seen any losing robots, not one. They are all the best! Jamrock Outdoors in fact, if u play carefully with good strategies u can make profit stable. Jamrock Outdoors We don't review every Forex robot in the market here! However, you can find the losers at the bottom of the table!

Note that they might be just new ones and need some more time for trading to prove their profitability! Forex Trend Detector New Version 4. Forex Diamond EA Version 6. Tick Data Suite Features and Details. How to Backtest WallStreet 2. Volatility Factor EA v7. WallStreet Forex Robot 2. Forex Trend Detector v3. Forex Diamond EA v5. Trading with Smart Money and Volatility Breakpoint.

New Cyrus EA Version 1. EA Analyzer New Version 4. Drawdown, Maximum Drawdown and Losing Streaks. A New Broker Arbitrage Version 1. No More Outdated Forex Robots. Volatility Factor EA v 6. Discover the performance mysteries of your own EA. GPS robot tripled the deposit [live proof authenticated by broker]. Did you get your copy of Forex Diamond? This Forex pip machine will be launched Tomorrow! The Hottest Forex Launch for Free Tick Data Download.

New Fapturbo Revolution Released. Forex Combo System is killing the Forex market right now. Forex Combo System 5. Homepage Top Forex Robots Live Performance Forward Tests Profitability Comparison This table below aims to guide you to explore and investigate the profitability of the best Forex robot that fits your style of trade by checking the top Forex robots live performance results.

Table Header Titles Robot: Very different from Rover North, which I returned after a month of testing. I started trading it in a demo account yesterday. It is very easy to use. Profitable after 2 days, lol. With it you can really ride the trend once you are in the trade. And if you cach the right moment no lower time frame, by swiching from lower to higher time frame you can cach a really big movement.

If you switch your time frame, your are not using a systematic trading aproach and I am sure it will not work in long term in this way. Concerning SRS, it seems to be a moving average.

How can we pay for a moving average?!! As I said I dont know exactly what is behind and if it works, but I am really sceptical. I am using the sRs trend rider. Bought it last week. The sRs trend rider is a trade alert software with other features attached to it and is one you must not fully depend on.

It can go against any trend. The second hiccup is it takes ages to for it to come with an alert. The third is the gentleman behind these alert is still learning the ropes Bill. The previous guy zack was the forex pro who left on personal reasons. Family reasons Realized it later.

The pack has its manuals where it will teach you what to lookout for. This alert system will only work in your favour if you follow its guide diligently which you will get in your PDF file. Now regarding the sitting all day and waiting bit lol ,Vladimir has along side this sRs trend rider pack ,another software called the Trade cloner.

Thats all I have for you for now. I hope my review has help in your decision making. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. All Major Read more on the website You may also be interested in: Comment by Patrick on May 12, 9: Comment by alex on June 4, Comment by Grin on December 21, 1: Comment by Michael on December 29, 6: Comment by Howie on December 30, 4: Comment by Bob Bridges on January 16, Hi Bob, it seems interesting, please keep us update how it does!

Comment by Ray on January 19, Comment by Bill on February 1, 8: If any one could let me know how it runs please do so and Thanks in advance.

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