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The “ pips FX gainer” is a complete trading tool designed primarily to trade the FX markets fully and consistently. The indicator based on a special system that predicts the price movement in advance!4/5(1). The Forex Pips A Day System give me 10%% profit beside OZ Robot gives me 45%% profit till now. Nowadays, in only 3 days my profit is +. OZ Robot has a great customer support also.


Pips Daily Set & Forget reviews and ratings, an MetaTrader expert advisor forex trading robot rated and reviewed by forex traders/5.

Checking your stats, don't you think the lot size is on the high side? I have developed EAs also and will start live trading next week. One factor i will never joke with is good money management. Try using lot sizes that is commensurate with the equity.

Trading cant be done on luck or emotions at all. Basically, I always trade with very close stoploss so even if the trade goes against me, I prefer to take little loss instead of living on a hope to see the trade close in a profit. I would like to see the performance of your EA. As you said its with good money management so you ll definately have good growth.

EAs with proper money management are rare in market. Looking to open a Forex account? Open Live Open Demo. Continue Browsing Download App. Previous 1 2 3 Next. Quote Message Report Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you.

Would like my money back Quote Message Report. Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure.

So I began researching it on the Internet and reading the experts and I also kept talking about it with my supervisor, Michael. At work, we started going to lunch together to talk about Forex and then we even started making trades during our lunch hours. To make a long story short, it turned out that I had a natural talent for trading Forex. Anything with numbers just kind of came naturally to me and with Forex trading everything really seemed to all come together.

Michael was really impressed with my trading skills and he started asking me all of these questions and taking notes. All we had to do was follow the steps. Thinking, worrying, all that stuff was thrown out the window and money just started pouring into our accounts. Then a short time later, our programming training kicked in and we thought, what if we added a software component to our manual system , we could really take our profits to the next level then. I was quickly able to move out of that lousy one-bedroom apartment — first I moved to a condo overlooking the beach and then later to a house on the water.

And as our earnings continued to grow we began to think about making our system available to others. I mean what good was it to keep a system this incredible to ourselves? Especially when we could be helping others fulfill their dreams, too? So without further ado: This system has been proven over and over again to not just work but to make hundreds of dollars a day. This one-of-a-kind system uses trend trading, wave trading and proprietary indicators to consistently deliver winning trades a day!

This system can be used with any currency pair and any time frame. The best timeframes are 1H and Daily. Just follow the signals to make money! So what do you say? Is it time to stop dreaming about success and finally take the steps you need to achieve it? If so, Daily Pips Machine is definitely for you! You could be the next big success story!

All you have to do is get the Daily Pips Machine System today. Remember, with this system: There is no research and chart study There is no stressing about when to enter and exit a trade There is no large investment sums required.

But I'm afraid if I feel too many traders take me up on this offer, and if it seems customer support will become overwhelming, I will be forced to yank this web page down. So, you need to order today while you can still take advantage of this incredible, time sensitive discounted offer. The word is getting out about Daily Pips Machine System , and it seems discount copies will be gone very quickly. Promise me that if you are lucky enough to get a copy today, please put my systems into action And you have nothing to worry about especially since you're protected by my If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply email me and I will refund your money, in full , with absolutely no questions asked!

Either make money trading Forex or get your purchase price back! You really do have nothing to lose — and access to a world of Forex profits to gain! Click Here To Order Now. If so, order Daily Pips Machine today and start making the money you need to live your dream life. Imagine not having to worry about something going wrong, secure in the knowledge that you have the money you need to cover any emergency.

Now stop imagining and start making those dreams come true by getting the Daily Pips Machine system today. I want to use the same system you're using to get BIG money from the forex market! Order online safely and securely. I understand that I have 60 days to try this risk-free! With this system, money will no longer be a worry for you! Daily Pips Machine is a manual trading system in which you have final say on all trades.

The system will provide you with buy and sell signals that you can choose to act on or not. However the system comes with Trade Assistant software that will give you all the alerts needed, including: Is this system difficult to use? No, anyone no matter what their trading experience can use this system. I have trouble deciding when to get out of a trade, will this system help me? Yes, this system makes this a really easy decision by taking emotion out of the equation — it gives you clear visual signals of not just went to enter a trade but when to exit for maximum profits.

Does this system have money management? Yes, Daily Pips Machine has a complete money-management system that uses safe money management principles to grow your account over time without risking major losses.

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